Chapter 171: Maximum Power

I traverse the desert using [[Roll]] while feeling an intense pressure from behind. I should’ve made enough distance from Adofu and the ball rabbit by now.

I’ll head to the seaside while slowing down a little to attract the centipede in my direction.


…That guy really is out of the standard. Since I am several steps behind the hero in terms of stats and skills I was willing to try to defeat this guy. But… I guess that thought was a little rash.

Man, now I’m sounding timid.

Even I was almost killed and eaten twice by that centipede. I know just how out of the standard that centipede is.

I’ve been associated with this centipede ever since I got to this desert. So much that I can almost predict its attack patterns. Well, not entirely but close enough.

When I first saw this monster in the distance I never thought that I would face it several times, but it ends today.

There are three main obstacles I have to consider when facing the Giant Centipede. The first, is the high defensive ability that is brought on by the centipede’s characteristic skill [[King’s Shell]]. Then there is the high offensive power originating from its stats. Which leads me to the next and most problematic thing, the [[Heat Ray]] which boasts high offensive power and range, so I’ve chosen to call it “Centipede Beam”.

I have to come up with a way to overcome these three obstacles if I want to end the Giant Centipede. I was able to come up with countermeasures to all three, but whether they work or not won’t become apparent until we begin the fight.

Now that he’s in front of me I regret that I had thought it would be easier. The simulations I’d ran in my head are different from the real thing. I last saw it when it had been attacked by the red ants, so my fear of the centipede had somewhat diminished.

I take a glimpse back.


I could see the Giant Centipede’s face rushing towards me while scattering sand around. It’s closer than I thought.

It would be unreasonable to look surprised at this point, but it still makes me uneasy. It’s impossible to win with my eyes closed, so I have to somehow get used to this feeling. I have to keep this fight within a short distance or risk maneuvering through the centipede’s beam. I have to get my nerves in order and carefully watch its movements.

Should I find a place with all the right conditions then fight back? Haa, Maybe I should just stop procrastinating…

The last match will start soon.

I could see a big rock in the distance. Okay, let’s go with there.

It would be a good starting point. Its sturdy and I can move it at the last-minute if I need too. I’m still anxious, but a rock like that at this time will be hard to come by. If I miss this chance, then I may fall behind in this fight.

I will lift the rock high in the sky and smash it into the large centipedes head using [[Nutcracker]]. It has the highest attack power among all of my skills. If this doesn’t work then the rest of my skills will not be able to damage its shell.

Don’t get cold feet now. Pay attention to the enemy’s movements. If I make a mistake then I’m dead.

I jump up with the rock I am going to use to smash against the large centipede who’s rushing at me. It’s still doubtful whether I can do it before the centipede uses its beam. It takes more mana than l expect since the rock I choose is a little big. No, thinking of that guys defensive capabilities, I should not be stingy about this.

I put a lot of strength into pulling and flying when I feel a huge force weighing down on my body. I feel a slight impact as it hits me from pulling too hard and my head is rattled.

Even so, I turn myself around and kick off the ground before jumping away and somehow managing to fly.

This height… is this my limit? Can’t I go any higher, If I push too hard I’ll just become prey to the Centipede Beam.

I look and check for the position of the large centipede. The centipede stops moving when it’s almost right under me and lifts its face. It’s convenient to aim at your head if you do that. This way I can crush down on your weak point and shatter it.

I stop moving in the air, turn the rock downwards, tilt my body and aim at the large centipede’s head.

The large centipede is opening its mouth up wide while looking up at me. Red light started gathering in its mouth. There is no doubt, this is the preparation for the Centipede Beam. If it were to use [[Sandbreath]] or [[Paralysis Bite]] then it would have been a bad matchup for this rock… but thankfully it’s using the beam.



While roaring, I push my wings back to increase my speed a little more.

Make it in time, please make it in time.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to fall prey to the centipede’s beam this time.

The moment I am about to smash the rock over the large centipede’s face, the violent mouth of the centipede opens wider and the red light spreads out with it.

I didn’t make it in time. That’s what my instinct tells me.


I kick off the rock and fly to the side.

The rock stops moving just before the large centipede’s face. The next moment, a straight red line grows from the rock and then the rock bursts open.

I succeed in landing on my feet somehow by shifting my altitude with my wings and using my tail as a brake. Damn! I was just about to smash his head to the ground.


The large centipede shakes his head and pieces of rock fall from its face.

Species: Giant Sand Centipede
State: Normal
Lv: 64/80
HP: 459/463
MP: 211/244

Fuck! there is barely any damage.

Most of the momentum was killed. It will restore easily with just that amount of damage with its [[Auto HP Recovery]]. It’s good that I didn’t receive any kind of damage from that, but the situation also doesn’t look too good.

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