Chapter 170: The Third Meeting

I scan my surroundings for my prey as I walk through the desert. I thought it would be easy at first, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. I try to remember the location of the ant’s nest as I move along, but at this rate, I’ll be lucky if I’m able to find it.

I should keep moving. I’ll fly again and look around.


After yelling, I stop and look behind me. The ball rabbit’s ears are gripping onto my tail. Ah, I forgot that ball rabbit and Adofu are on my back. I slowly lower my tail to the ground to let the ball rabbit and Adofu get down.


(Are you really, going to fight?)


In order to gain experience quickly, I have to do this. I’m doubtful of whether I even have a chance of succeeding, but I have to at least try. If I can’t at least knock him down then I have no chance against that hero (monster).

But I have to at least buy some time for the ball rabbit to escape once the time comes.



…I don’t want to say it, but he’s not an opponent that I can win against. Even more so if I have to watch out for the ball rabbit. It would just cause me worry when I’m fighting.


It doesn’t seem like it’s entirely convinced, but it has accepted it for now.

Adofu also has the ability to defeat C rank monsters. It doesn’t seem like he’s paying much attention to the conversation though. He’s probably thinking about the coming fight. I should ask him later if he would be willing to escort the ball rabbit.

Although I know his thoughts are elsewhere, I should still ask him since he still needs to borrow my help to save his relatives. Cooperating to level up would be more efficient.

Looking at the state Afodu is in, it’s apparent that he’s fighting his own demons, and it’s a heavy battle by the looks of it. I guess that kind of thing isn’t limited to certain races.

If possible, I would like to evolve into a gentle dragon of some kind, but now… I can’t afford to be picky here… A strong and ferocious dragon will have to do right now.

Since I have acquired [[Rest]], it’s possible for me to become some kind of divine dragon along the road, but it will be impossible now.

“Since a while ago, what have you been looking for?”

Adofu who was ahead of me because he was being hurried by the ball rabbit looked back at me and said so.


(Large centipede.)

The ball rabbit who read my thoughts said to Adofu. Adofu’s mouth dropped as he stops walking. But he’s pushed along by the ball rabbit.

It is a silly reaction, but it’s understandable. If I was told yesterday that I would be fighting that “large centipede” again I would have given a similar reaction. Since Adofu is from Haranae, he should know how fearsome that large centipede is.


I kick off the ground and fly up. Spreading my wings, I open my eyes against the headwind to scan the area.

Sand, Sand and more sand in all directions.

I do see a beautiful lake in the distance. However, I won’t be fooled again.

Although we do have ball rabbit who’s capable of using [[Clean]] on the lake, he will be too exhausted to use [[Telepathy]]. There is still much to be said to Adofu so I’d rather not waste energy on something unnecessary for the time being. The ball rabbit is all-purpose but there isn’t enough MP to go around.

After reaching the highest point I could, I bent my neck to look around. I could see the ground moving a little in the distance.

What is that? I’m getting a bad feeling. A giant monster the same color as the desert sand is moving about. So it finally came out.

Species: Giant Sand Centipede
State: Normal
Lv: 64/80
HP: 463/463
MP: 244/244
Attack: 332
Defense: 301
Magic: 201
Speed: 242
Rank: B

Characteristic Skills:
[[Myriapod: Lv–]] [[King’s Shell: Lv6]] [[Earth Attribute: Lv–]] [[Auto-HP Recovery: Lv5]]
[[Presence Sense: Lv4]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv2]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv4]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv6]] [[Paralysis Resistance: Lv2]] [[Confusion Resistance: Lv2]]
[[Drowsiness Resistance: Lv3]]

Normal Skills:
[[Poison: Lv5]] [[Dig: Lv6]] [[Sand Breath: Lv4]] [[Clay Wall: Lv3]] [[Paralysis Bite: Lv2]]
[[Acid Spit: Lv4]] [[Heat Ray: Lv4]]

Title Skills:
[[King Centipede: Lv–]] [[Lord of the Desert: Lv6]] [[Determination: Lv4]] [[Tenacity: Lv7]]
[[Chaser: Lv6]] [[Final Evolution: Lv–]]

This guy, doesn’t his level increase every time I see him? There’s the possibility of it being a different one, but it smells like the same guy. Well, even if there are many like it, I’m still in trouble.

So it was still alive after all. Seems like it escaped after I ran away.

Legs that were supposed to have been eaten are fully grown back. It’s back to its usual shape. This thing is a walking disaster, but it’s not much of a mystery why when considering its titles.

Did the large centipede notice me? It lifted its head.

Ah, our eyes met.

The large centipede opens its large mouth and rattles its teeth.

Oh, seems like it’s fairly agitated.

It’s close enough that I can hear that unpleasant “gijijijijijiji” noise it makes.

That time where you got your head stuck in the ant hole is entirely your own fault. I did nothing wrong at all. I… You have no reason to get mad at me.

I won’t be able to move freely in the air if that centipede uses its beam, so I quickly descend towards the ground and land. It was a fast landing so the sand scattered a little.


I turn my head towards the direction of the large centipede and point with my chin.

The large centipede still seems to remember me. I guess it holds strong grudges. Humans are its favorite dish, but it looks like I’m his top priority. If I have the ball rabbit and Adofu go in a separate direction, it’s unlikely he will chase them.

The ball rabbit nods and heads in the opposite direction while pulling Adofu with its ears.

…Will one person be enough to keep them safe? I’m getting increasingly anxious the more I watch.

Well, I should worry about myself first.

I rush in the opposite direction from where the other two are heading so that the large centipede will follow after me.

Since there’s a big hill up ahead, I could hide there if there’s enough distance between us. If it can’t pinpoint my location then it can’t hit me with its heat ray. I don’t actually have to watch from this far, but the range on that beam is strange. If that centipede could fly then I’m sure it would be possible for its ray to hit a target as far as one kilometer away.

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