Chapter 135: An Emotional Reunion

I place Nina, who was holding the ball rabbit, on my back and advance in the opposite direction the soldiers escaped. It would only get complicated if we were to encounter humans.

Actually, I’m wondering if I should even be traveling with Nina. Frankly speaking, if the effects of [[Dragon Scales]] begins to appear, it won’t be a funny matter. When the time limit was coming to a close, I thought that it would be fine with that walled city…but I think that may be the worst place after seeing how those soldiers reacted towards Nina.

Well, even if I say so I don’t really have another plan, since even the person herself said that she had no place to go. Even walking around and waiting for a proper place with the right conditions, is comparable to trying to find a ring dropped in the desert.

If I look for a river connected to the ocean, would I be able to get back to the forest I entrusted to the orangutans? No, won’t Miria and the village treat me badly if I do? I won’t be able to show my face after attacking the villagers and escaping, so I’ll just have to put them near the village and let them go on by themselves. Perhaps this is the most realistic solution. However, until then, Nina will be exposed to [[Dragon Scales]]…and I have no idea how long it’s been going.

Besides, I don’t see a river anywhere. Nina’s physical strength will decrease if I move too quickly. If that happens, her immune system may fall and the progress of [[Dragon Scales]] may accelerate.

Ah, there’s obstacles from every direction. It might be better to borrow some of the soldiers’ baggage and look for a map or something. No, even if I caught one person, there will be various stories popping up of me. Since it would be better for me if there weren’t any strange grudges directed towards me, I won’t move in that direction.

Well, it may just make it worse and confusing to try to force your opponent into talking… should I just find someone who isn’t hostile? If I walk around in this desert I may run into a soldier in a carriage or at least meet with someone….That’s the only choice. When the time limit comes to a close…I’m sorry, but that walled city would be the only place I could go. Next break I take I will have the ball rabbit use its full MP so that I could talk with Nina.

While walking, I could see a black horse running in the distance. Oh, that looks like Hagen’s beloved horse, Maria. It seems that it did not return to its master in the end and just started wandering around.

Will you be able to return home safely to Hagen? Unlike the large centipede, I’m not a sore loser who will chase you down.

When Maria noticed me, it ran away at full power. I will stay away from the walled city….That one will not go home anymore. Since I will feel bad going the same way, I changed direction.

The scenery doesn’t change after continuously walking. To that extent, it is too vast. What made them build a town surrounded with a magic border and a wall in such a place. I wonder if there are oil fields or something.

Suddenly I felt a bad sign, I stop and look around. The origin of the sign should be close, but I don’t see any monsters that I should worry about.

The moment I thought that it was empty, the ground before me exploded and sand scattered. From the hypocenter, I saw a huge head with a figure that I knew.


An unpleasant cry that sounds like rubbing resonates all around.

Species: Giant Sand Centipede
State: Normal
Lv: 63/80
HP: 455/455
MP: 241/241

It came. I came across a guy that I did not want to meet again. Why are you meeting me so much? Do you like me? Perhaps this huge centipede doesn’t fit in this desert. It’s the same individual.

Rather, why did you excavate such a large hole? You should also dig me a den….Or did you do this thinking of me.

Let’s enter into my escape position now. Fleeing into the sky…is not an option. Last time I was overlooked because there were other targets, also [[Flight]] won’t be able to shake off that huge centipede. Just picturing the huge centipede firing off that beam makes it clear that I will run out of stamina and get cut before being able to land. Then, the only way is to run away at maximum speed with [[Roll]].

I lighty jump and flick Nina and the ball rabbit into the air.

“Pefu!?” “Hinyaa!?”

I turn my face up and catch them with my mouth. Just like that I knick the ground and jump forward and to the side, and change to [[Roll]] mid air. I can hear the ball rabbit cry in protest from my mouth, but forgive me as right now it’s an emergency. I don’t want to lose you. So just wash your body after.

There are no obstacles anywhere around as everything is sand. [[Roll]] is good for such a landscape. It’s the best in the desert.


…..I’d be good if he didn’t do that thought.

Even though it looks like I got a head start on it. I don’t know how long I have to run away until I’ve actually managed to run away.

As expected, I have to raise my level quickly. Even if I can’t defeat the huge centipede, I want to become strong enough to the point that it feels that there’s no point in attacking me. Even though I used a full power dash towards the horizon, even though it’s a trauma, it shoots a long distance beam, as it grows suddenly from the ground, this is a seriously bad nightmare. At any rate, I thought that maybe there will be a horse drawn carriage crossing the desert to distract the huge centipede. Come on, someone. This is almost suicidal.

When I slightly took a glimpse backwards, I saw the huge centipede staring at me while I was scattering sand around. Saliva dripped out of its mouth and when it touched the ground, it made a sound as it melted the sand. Well, it’s useless if it doesn’t hit right?
Really, what is that guy’s problem? Isn’t that at the level of being a biological weapon already?

Anyway, the distance between us is opening up quite nicely. It seems that it would be better to prepare for a long drawn out battle. Oh wait! If Nina sticks around for too long her physical strength will weaken!

In this desert, slugs are ten times stronger than humans, and centipedes are 100 times stronger than the slugs. Seriously, what’s up with this desert?

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