Chapter 167: Prisoner Of War

My eyes open. My consciousness is still dim. At first it is blurry, but my eyes gradually focus. It seems I have hardly moved from where I was before I lost consciousness.

When I think that this landscape looks unfamiliar, my line of sight lowers. My cheeks are lodged firmly in the ground.

I stretch my neck and raise my body while spitting out the sand in my mouth. Bleh, bleh. How did so much sand enter my mouth? Come to think of it, inside my dream, I think I was biting onto the back of a dark worm the size of a mountain. It tasted weird, I never thought that there will be a day where I would taste sand. Freud, please diagnose my dream.

My head has calmed down after spitting out the sand.

I’m sure I was hit in the head by the guy with golden hair…… But, I’m still alive? Am I being overlooked? Wait, but if that is so, then why?

Oh right, Nina! Where is Nina!? When I thought about Nina, blood rushed to my head. The block in my thoughts cleared up. Even if Nina was overlooked, due to the effects of [[Dragon Scale]], there is a possibility she is already dead.


I look around as I roar.


Coming from behind me, was a [[Telepathy]] message full of hostility. I stop my movements. A [[Telepathy]] message received at this timing, I doubt that it is anyone else other than the ball rabbit. But, there is hostility in that [[Telepathy]].

After I stop moving, I slowly look behind me.

I meet eyes with Adofu, sitting cross legged on the ground with a complicated expression.

The ball rabbit is right behind Adofu. The ball rabbit has both of its ears constricted around Adofu’s neck. The ball rabbit seems to be serious, but the overall figure still looks silly to me.

The ball rabbit is glaring firmly. It is the first time that I have seen it this angry. My eyes and the ball rabbit’s eyes meet and somehow its glare softens.

It seems like the [DON’T MOVE] from just now was directed at Adofu. Since Adofu was weakened from being stabbed in the back by the mysterious guy who had the same name as me, I thought that he had died after that. The wounds on Adofu’s body seem to have covered up. Did the ball rabbit treat him?


[Eyes, finally opened]

Ball rabbit sighs in relief.

Anyway, it is good to know that the ball rabbit is fine. But, I still do not see Nina around. Is Nina… is Nina ok?

[……That guy, took her away]

……I knew it, so it became that way. For some reason, I knew that it would become like that.

The last thing that that guy mentioned was about an invitation to the city. That is the reason he didn’t finish me off. In order to lure me to the city, Nina was kidnapped as a hostage.

It’s a complicated feeling. I was suddenly attacked and seriously injured, and Nina was even kidnapped, yet her life will be prolonged because of that. From the few exchanges in our conversation, it was easy to figure out that he is a total bastard, even though going to Haranae wasn’t what Nina wanted..

Because Nina is separated from me, her curse should weaken. If it is that person, there is also no need to worry about being defeated by monsters along the way. That person seems capable enough to handle it even if he was faced with two huge giant centipedes.

And then, well…… Adofu is…….


[Capture, done]

O, ou……

[He was about to die soon. So he wouldn’t notice, I treated him from underground]

Thinking that Adofu would not be able to see you, you treated him from underground, right……? Ball rabbit, at times like this, you are really clever. Perhaps it is more clever than me?

It is true that Adofu can be useful in sorting out this situation. We can get all kinds of information regarding that mysterious guy and Haranae from him too. He seems strong-willed, but he had a falling out with his comrade. Even if we do not threaten him, there is a high chance that he will tell us the truth.

For now, I should take a look at Adofu’s status.

[[Adofu Ahren]]
Species: Earth Huma
Status: Prisoner’s mark; Poisoned (small); Cursed (small); Paralyzed (small);
Status: Lowered Senses (small)
LV: 48/85
HP: 57/316
MP: 34/98

How did this person get loaded down with so many abnormal status effects…… As someone who has experience in various battlefields, it is my first time seeing five status effects. Even in the past, I think the most I have seen is the poison spider which had three.

[Looked like would die from poison, so symptoms, lessened]

Ball rabbit, you are able to remove the poison? Perhaps it is an effect of [[Clean]] ? I thought for sure that that skill was only for cleaning.

[But, if he resisted, I couldn’t hold him down, so a little was left]

……A cunning move.

Certainly , even if Adofu was not in perfect form, it would be easy for him to shake ball rabbit off. An enemy of an enemy is not necessary an ally. If it is ball rabbit, with [[Telepathy]] it should be able to perform a simple mind reading, but even that skill is not flawless. Or possibly, it found hostility towards me inside Adofu? Anyhow, I do not understand what happened in their situation, so after he’s cured, the chance of him going on a rampage is not zero. It is necessary to have insurance during the period when I had lost consciousness.


At the same time as the ball rabbit cries, a blue light comes out from its body and envelopes Adofu. I understand immediately because I had seen it before. This is the skill, [[Clean]]. Looks like it’s completely curing the poison. Because I had woken up, it’s no longer necessary to have an insurance.

“Th, thanks”

Adofu turns his head around and gives his thanks to ball rabbit. It seems like he was worried about how to respond, but for now he is giving his thanks.

[Don’t move, do not make me repeat]

Adofu lifted his head immediately. Like before, he is showing a complicated expression.

……Anyway, I am awake now, can you unfasten your ears? For me, I can immediately capture Adofu alive in his current condition. For this reason, ball rabbit has already cured Adofu, yet for some reason stubbornly keeps the restrain around his neck.

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