Chapter 191: Toward A Strong Dragon

While Adofu is resting, I tell the ball rabbit that I’ll be evoliving. Adofu also seems to be aware of evolution. According to what he knows, after monsters have experienced enough hardships, they go through some phenomenon to evolve.

“We usually don’t concern ourselves, but in the case of something as dangerous as an Evil Plague Dragon evolving, we keep a close watch… but now, I’m simply curious as to what will happen.”

After that was said, he plops down on the ground. He seems a little lonely. Looking at his arm, I can’t help but feel like it was my fault. He also probably realized that he no longer has a home to return to.

Even so, I don’t think you can make light of this situation. After all, he was sent out here to join me in death, and his city probably already considers him to be a rebellious criminal.

…Hey, God’s Voice. You know what I think?

Although it would be convenient, I haven’t really given any good reasons for wanting to be a good dragon. So, at the very least, I ask to be a dragon powerful enough to defeat that hero.

I want to be a dragon who could retire to a village if possible. I’ve been developing my title skills for that purpose. But for now, the main goal is to rescue Nina. I don’t want to make friends if I can’t even save one of them.

[Display options for Evolutions?]

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last seen this message. Of course, there’s no reason to refuse. I don’t know how many evolution options I’ll have this time, but I’m going for something that will smash that hero.

Since I’m currently ranked B-, there may even be an option for rank A-. I’ve never seen an A-ranked monster before. I simply cannot imagine what would be ranked higher than that centipede.


[Nameless Ugly Dragon]: Rank A
[Pandora]: Rank A
[Ouroboros]: Rank A
[Gorgon Dragon]: Rank A-
[Demon Chariot]: Rank A-

[Evil Plague Dragon]: Rank B-

[Evil Plague Dragon Child]: Rank D+
[Baby Dragon]: Rank D-
[Dragon Egg]: Rank F

Uh….Huh…. They’re all A rank… Hmm, that’s nice. For a moment there, I thought there might be a lot of Good Dragon options, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I can tell just by reading the names. This time around, I’m going to change drastically.

Damn, but I did say I wanted more power, anyway. What the hell is [Pandora]? Is this really a dragon? Is it a bread dragon? This list is obviously filled with monsters.
(PR: パン (pan) means bread, whereasドラ (dora) is the abbreviation for dragon)

Up until now there’s only been one strange choice mixed in, but now it seems like I’ve zeroed in on all the strange ones. But, why? I have [[Spirit Relief]] and [[Tiny Hero]] built up pretty nicely. Am I plagued by misfortune since I’m an Evil Plague Dragon?

Ask, and you shall receive. I guess I have to choose from these, then? It seems a little dangerous. If I enter Haranae, I won’t cause too much of a panic, right?

……..Anyway, let’s start from the bottom.

[Demon Chariot: Rank A-]
[Also known as, the Wheel of Nightmares. It is said to be a dragon that pulls along the forces of Evil.]
[Numerous needles extend from the body as spikes pierce and mutilate the ground.]
[Because the wings have decayed, flying is not possible. Instead, spikes protruding from your hands can be used to climb even right-angled walls.]
[Because it crushes mountains just by rolling, maps become unreliable.]

What kind of devil is this. It’s too strange. Even imagining if there is such a dragon out there in this world gives me the chills.

I’d destroy Haranae along with the hero with this! And my chances of saving Nina would disappear if I can’t fly. If you really wanted to, you could destroy the world.

I mean sure, it would be fun to be a dragon that specializes in [Roll] but that option is out the door. Next!

[Gorgon Dragon: Rank A-]
[A dragon with five eyes.]
[Each has the power of Hypnosis, Confusion, Paralysis, Lethal Poison, and Petrification respectively.]
[Overlapping these powers will ensure your opponents can’t escape, and will place curses for the kill.]
[Moreover, you can change your hair into demon snakes.]

It’s A- rank, but…I don’t see any practical use for it. I mean, I don’t see a reason why I would want five eyes.

I don’t think I can handle that appearance, and from what I’ve seen, will this be the final evolution? If it is, then I’ll have to keep that appearance for the rest of my life.

[Ouroboros: Rank A]
[A dragon that knows eternity, contradicting the reason of this world. Ageless.]
[A double headed hermaphrodite. It’s existence is said to be a symbol of eternity and taboo.]
[Rebellious against God, with blasphemous life-manipulating magic.]
[HP and MP merge. Recovery Magic Expert.]

Hell yeah! This absolutely is the result of using [[Spirit Relief]]! Hell yes! I’ll be rid of the poison as well! To be delivered such a perfect choice at this time!

[Pandora: Rank A]
[A dragon said to bring disaster to the world.]
[Has a curse that can demonize a person, and humanize a demon.]
[Movement is slow, but its body is strong. When dead, it releases a pungent widespread death curse.]
[It is often said that the Pandora is attracted to heroes and will follow them to their home.]

….Huh, hmm. This one’s too confusing. But….would I be able to turn myself back to a human? No, I can’t be certain… Especially when it’s God’s Voice presenting it to me…and the first line troubles me even more… So, I guess I’ll move on to the last?

[Nameless Ugly Dragon: Rank A]
[Since a human has never come across this dragon, it doesn’t have a name.]
[It has an appearance which can only be referred to as “Ugly”.]
[It is not easy to get close as there are always deadly poisons being scattered about.]
[The vegetation will recede and become sparse, the soil will rot, and the animals and people will quietly sleep for eternity.]
[A dragon that travels while dreaming of meeting other creatures.]
[When you find that flower that never rots at the end of the world, you know why you have not come across other creatures.]
[Laying on the floor, in front of that flower, you will never walk again.]

Really, how would I live like this. I feel like it’s some sort of last boss. It’s like you’re the old maid or joker in a deck of cards.

This will be overkill in Haranae. The powerful are truly lonely.

I want to keep raising my title skills, but there’s no time. I have to evolve and raise my level by today or tomorrow, since I need to be at Haranae in two days.

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