Chapter 218: Toward a New Land

As I continued flying eastward away from Ardezia, I could see plants and vegetation coming into view. They were growing on the banks of a great river, of which the river itself looked to be flowing into the sea.

Turning my attention toward the outlet of the great river, I saw a forest that couldn’t be missed. That’s the place Adofu was talking about. That’s likely the forest where many revered heroes had lost their lives. Let’s see, Adofu said a group of people that are as dangerous as they are savage, called the Lithuvar Tribe, lives here, right?

I know it sounds like a dreadful place, but I don’t know anywhere else I could possibly… Well, even if they were revered heroes, that one hero probably stood atop all of them, right? …Though at this point I’d like to think that not much can keep me from just trying to live my life. As an Ouroboros, I’m solidly built through-and-through and probably won’t be that quick to die. And if need be, I can just fly off at a moment’s notice. Since Adofu recommended it to me, I’d like to believe that the forest inhabitants aren’t as savage as they’re made out to be.

Hmm… This river that goes out to the sea… It’s possible that this is the same river at the bottom of that cliff that washed me away, isn’t it? If that’s the case, then that gives a reasonable explanation as to why I was washed up ashore at a sea.

However, I didn’t see anything that would seem to be the Lithuvar Tribe and I saw no other monster stronger than the little rock dragon. Contrast this with the desert, which was crawling with red ants that were each at the level of the little rock dragon. Because of that, if I compare the forest with the desert, that forest really had the difficulty cranked down.

Yeah, it all connects back to the forest I was in… I feel like that previous theory fits best. If I make my way back up the river, I wonder if I’ll someday find myself back in that forest with the flush faced apes and Black Lizard… Although, my [[Dragon Scale Powder]] makes that in no way possible right now. I simply can’t afford to meet back up with them yet. That’s not even mentioning the village. If that village knew that an enormous double-headed dragon suddenly appeared near them, there’d probably be an uproar.

…Well, even if the forest and I are connected in some way, that connection is sure to be quite a loose one. If I continue on without focusing on making my way upstream, then meeting them again would just be a pipe dream, wouldn’t it? When I can get myself a more decent evolution, then that’ll be the right time to make my way upstream.

Though, that being said, is it even possible for me to change course at this point? I mean, judging from my previous potential evolutions, all of them, including the Ouroboros one, were already pretty much final boss material.

It’ll be nice if those strange skills that transferred to me from the hero give me some kind of effect on my potential evolutions. On the topic of the skills that he held, they really only feel unpleasant to me at this point in time, but as far as everything else goes, he was a hero. So, I mean, I hope that opens up a door to something like, uh… like a heroic dragon route to me. Should I try giving them one more little check?

Species: Ouroboros
Status: Normal
Level: 60/125
HP: 1536/1536
MP: 1494/1494
Attack: 642
Defense: 438
Magic: 698
Speed: 486
Rank: A

Sacred Skills:
[[Human Realm: Lv –]]

Characteristic Skills:
[[Dragon’s Scales: Lv 7]] [[Voice of God: Lv 5]] [[Grisha Language: Lv 3]] [[Flight: Lv 7]]
[[Dragon Scale Powder: Lv 7]] [[Dark Attribute: Lv –]] [[Evil Dragon: Lv –]]
[[Automatic HP Recovery: Lv 8]] [[Presence Sense: Lv 5]]
[[Automatic MP Recovery: Lv 6]] [[Double Headed: Lv –]] [[Split Spirit: Lv –]]
[[Mutual Understanding: Lv 1]]

Resistance Skills:
[[Physical Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Fall Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Starvation Resistance: Lv 5]]
[[Poison Resistance: Lv 5]] [[Loneliness Resistance: Lv 6]] [[Magic Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Dark Attribute Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Fire Attribute Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Fear Resistance: Lv 3]] [[Oxygen Deprivation Resistance: Lv 4]]
[[Paralysis Resistance: Lv 4]] [[Illusion Resistance: Lv 3]]
[[Instant Death Resistance: Lv 2]] [[Curse Resistance: Lv 2]]
[[Confusion Resistance: Lv 1]]

Normal Skills:
[[Roll: Lv 7]] [[Status Check: Lv 7]] [[Scorching Breath: Lv 5]] [[Whistle: Lv 2]]
[[Dragon Punch: Lv 3]] [[Plague Breath: Lv 6]] [[Poison Fang: Lv 7]]
[[Paralyzing Poison Claw: Lv 6]] [[Dragon Tail: Lv 2]] [[Roar: Lv 2]] [[Star Drop: Lv 2]]
[[Nutcracker: Lv 3]] [[Humanization: Lv 7]] [[Wind Slash: Lv 5]] [[Neck Breaker: Lv 4]]
[[High Rest: Lv 6]] [[Autoregeneration: Lv 5]] [[Traveling Companion: Lv –]]
[[Death: Lv 4]] [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment): Lv 1]]

Title Skills:
[[Son of the Dragon King: Lv –]] [[Walking Egg: Lv –]] [[Klutz: Lv 4]] [[Simple Fool: Lv 1]]
[[Infighter: Lv 4]] [[Pest Killer: Lv 4]] [[Liar: Lv 3]] [[Evasion King: Lv 2]]
[[Path of Evil: Lv 7]] [[Disaster: Lv 7]] [[Chicken Runner: Lv 3]] [[Chef: Lv 4]]
[[Mean King: Lv 7]] [[Gutsy: Lv 4]] [[Big Eater (Giant Killer): Lv 3]]
[[Pottery Craftsman: Lv 4]] [[Group Leader: Lv 1]] [[Laplace Interference Authority: Lv 2]]
[[One Who Knows Eternity: Lv –]] [[Ant King: Lv –]] [[Brave Hero: Lv 1]]

…Yep, it’s definitely there. [[Human Realm]]… isn’t that one of the six realms? The Buddhist thing about birth, death, and rebirth, and yadda-yadda? What is a name like that doing in… Well, it’s not like an answer is gonna come to me even if I think about it, will it? I don’t have much of a clue as to what kind of significance it carries, but if it really does have something to do with the six realms, then does that mean that there are five more just like it? If I’m going to be honest, I don’t want to have anything to do with this anymore.

My status has become ridiculously high now, hasn’t it? Having a high upper limit on my level means my status will also continue rising just as high, right? Not that I only just realized it or anything. There’s no one who can even beat me now, is there? I miss the days when I would think about 300 as being the standard to meet. Before I knew it, my HP hit 1500. 1500! And rank-wise, A+ is probably the highest possible rank.

Once I arrive at the forest, I’ll start by checking out [[Fake Life (Soul Appendment)]] and [[Human Realm]]. Once that’s done with, next will be securing shelter and searching for a stable supply of food. I’ll be all nice and set if there are some kind of delicious-looking monsters or something there…

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