Chapter 115: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable (Irushia)

The desert land, Haranae. There are many monsters and few resources, this is originally an inconvenient place to live. But with the help of excellent magicians, numerous guardian amulets, and support from other places, it was finally established.

Because of various reasons, this country is protected, it is believed that this is a sacred place and the brave are born here.

I was born as a brave man here 18 years ago. When I was born I was brought here to a church, where I grew up. I do not know my parents’ name, and the name I have now was given to me by a priest. But, I do not mind. It does not matter.

Because the priest’s tongue slipped, I came to know that I was the eldest born of a poor family. When I learned of it, I thought it was good that I was born as a brave man.

The difference between the rich and the poor here is great. This is because most of the priests monopolize supplies from other places. Also, because it is surrounded by the desert where dangerous monsters emerge, it is impossible to find another place to work. I’m absolutely sorry for the poor families in such a place. It’s just a waste being born.

As for me, I can safely walk alone in the desert with God’s protection. Just a while ago I met with a stupid slave trader who was lamenting over the fact that he had to cross the desert to deliver his products only to be attacked by demons.

It seems that he certainly had a good horse, but, something to that extent will not be able to shake off the desert monsters. There are routes with few monsters, but in order to pass there you have to go through the country which has abolished beast slaves. You cannot pass such a place with a slave.

I had traveled around the world on the day I turned 14 according to tradition. Although I have seen some terrible countries, it is not easy to corrupt Haranae if you have only corrupted the upper echelon. Still it is my tradition that I will visit Haranae if I’m nearby.

“Hero! The rumored hero has returned!”

“Look at that brave figure!”

Just by walking, I could feel the eyes of envy from the surroundings. I feel good when I think of the poor and weak around me, while laughing in my mind. Although the reason I’m staying here is for a different purpose.

I smile, and wave my hand to react to the beggars. I go ahead through the town disregarding the noisy monkeys.

After all it is good here. In other places, my name isn’t that wide spread.

“Umm, excuse me, I, I want to have a talk with hero-sama…!”

Because there was a girl who came running in from the side to stand in front of me, I stopped my feet. A woman who seems to be her mother comes out later half laughing, saying “I’m sorry, this girl….” while pulling the girls hand, but the girl resists it.

I unintentionally laugh while looking at the situation.

I touch the mothers hand and have her separate from the girl. I then kicked the stomach of the girl, who now showed shuffled facial expressions.

The surrounding goes silent and confusion appears in everyone’s eyes.

I unintentionally got carried away. I dislike having my way blocked by a stupid brat.

If this matter spreads, my reputation may get hurt, but it will be alright. Putting me in a bad mood, who is the symbol of this country, can be said to be the same as committing treason towards the church. This won’t spread through the public.

If you are not on the churches side, you are a criminal. In Haranae, the maintenance of peace and security is under the jurisdiction of the church. Because there is something that must be done here, I’ve been staying in the camp Haleena for quite some time.

Normally civilians are not allowed to enter this camp. Even officials need to go through nominal procedures. One can hardly get past the gate guards, but only I can get in here freely with a face pass.

I walk the corridor of the camp while watching the guards hurriedly lower their heads, I then stop in front of a certain jail cell.

“Long time no see knight chief Adofu. No, should I say former knight chief?”

I look at the person sitting in the depths of the cell with a smile on his face. A man with a big solid body stares at me from the intersection of the lattice.

“This is pretty serious. It is suspected that the fiancée and the younger brother were killed.”

Adofu was stripped of his name and rank as knight chief, with the crime of homicide and was imprisoned. Recently the problems raised by the monopoly over the support supplies by the church, took up most of their time. So fortunately he was sent to prison without proper investigation. That priest is such a guy.

“…..Oh, did you only come here to laugh at me?”

Adofu said in a low voice.

I am usually a man who has more words to say, but I do not have that kind of margin right now. Anyone would get angry if there was infidelity between their fiancée and younger brother. This would make them angry enough to take up their sword and murder their relative and fiancée.

“I hate it, even I wouldn’t do such a thing. In the old days I used to do various things, but I was immature, self-centered and arrogant. I have reflected on it, and to this day I am sorry that I could not apologize. But you are a knight….”

When I say such things Adofu shows a painful distressed face. It is a good expression.

“I believe that Adofu’s accusation is false. Because my eyes can distinguish the right from the wrong in a person.”

To be precise, I can only roughly judge to a degree. But it is a custom “to be able to see through the right and wrong of the person”. In that way it could become rather convenient.

“….Stop with your kindness.” (Adofu)

“I can do without humbling myself to such a degree. Certainly my position may have been lost, but I…” (Adofu)

I feel that my eyebrows unintentionally wrinkle my forehead. I put a hand over my eyes and laugh.

“It seems that it has been rough. But, I understand. I guess let’s decide what to do next. With such a case, I negotiated with the priest, so for would you like to be released?”

“Such a thing cannot be done! First of all, I was set up by that fellow!” (Adofu)

“I understand your suspicions, but the priest will not do such a thing. Also, the priest actually said that if I were to accompany you, you will be free to do as you like for one day.”

“Is that true? However, what can be done in a single day….” (Adofu)

“We will earn achievements and restore your trust. Then I will extend the period and search for the real culprit.”

“Is that possible to do? But to earn achievements so conveniently…” (Adofu)

I touch my mouth and hide my laughter. As usual, he is a simple man. That aspect has not changed since four years ago.

“Actually, it seems that a merchant’s carriage was attacked by a darkness dragon. There’s a rumor that it is actually an evil plague dragon. If that is true, and it’s left alone, it may spread disaster to Haranae. I heard that the church is now organizing an investigation team. I also do not know if the rumor is true or not. Adofu’s place will change greatly if you were to defeat the dragon in the vicinity of Haleena. If that were to happen, you should be able to deal with the matter of re-investigating the incident and appeal your case towards the guards.”

Adofu stands up, swallows and spits.

I turn my back on the cell.

“Since only I am allowed to go through here. I will go and make a report.”

“Hey, Irushia!”

Adofu calls my name.

“For my doubt…I am sorry. I thank you for this matter, truly.”

“No, it’s nothing, as I must do the right thing as I am a brave man.”

Now that I’m done here, I turn around and leave the prison. I could not keep facing Adofu, as I could not help but leak out a laugh.

Four years ago, I had a practice duel with Adofu at the end of the rainy season. There in front of the masses, I was beaten and put to shame. There is not a single day where I forget that humiliation that was sung preaches from above. It is the biggest blemish of my life.

Just letting him be executed like this is boring. I will not be satisfied until I have stolen everything from this man. I will make sure you are properly humiliated, I’ll let Adofu die in regret and resentment. Because you defied me, it must be done.

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