Chapter 153: A Certain Hero’s Epic Fable 4 (Irushia)

I went to the basilica early this morning. After a casual talk with the priest I asked for permission to have Adofu released. Even though I know exactly what I want and what I should do, it’s troublesome when I have to go through so many formal procedures. No matter how idiotic, however, it is something I must do in order to be regarded as part of the upper layers.

There are many knights, but all of that is due to the upper echelons enlisting men with the incentive to provide for their families. All only to waste them gathering resources to keep up their extravagant lifestyles. Adofu, who was dissatisfied with the present situation is now a prisoner who will not change his mind on the matter. I didn’t realize how much more easily I could move when a crisis actually approaches.

Even though this country was made because I put my all on the line, to think those hyenas grew fat off my leftovers. Those parasitic bastards. This is truly a garbage country. Just how many times have I thought about releasing monsters within the walls? It will be a refreshing scene for sure. The cry of the knights’ mothers crying for their children to escape while the knights are being exposed for their stupidity. It wouldn’t be bad for my image if I was to show up halfway through and win. They should be crushed by that time though.

After all, there will be no way to figure out that I was the criminal, especially if it was a monster that goes unidentified. I guess it’s only common sense that if you use monsters to kill the echelons of the church, then the church can’t go against you.

But….for now I’m moving about early in the morning. To hide under the cover of dawn and leave Harenae before the sun climbs with the task to have Adofu handle the evil plague dragon. For the time being, the matter was announced to the people by the church, but it seems that the response wasn’t as great as expected. Originally the departure was to be set up to show off to the citizens, but this time we are operating without that to avoid any unnecessary troubles, and then later report the results in a grand manner.

Everyone is dissatisfied with the thought of having Adofu, who is suspected of murder, going free. The reason why the criticism of this case exceeds the church’s expectation is because I have prevailed in spreading disadvantageous rumors about Adofu to the country. When I think of how the priest who receives this report will hold their head in worry, it satisfies me. Although it’s not fun to have so many restrictions on how I behave, this amount is still acceptable.

I used former bums who owed me a favor for showing a little kindness, to spread the rumors about here and there, since there’s no need to worry since they can’t even be tracked and easily disposed of. They weren’t promised any position or money, but since they’re idiots it was only necessary to use legal terms for them to cooperate. When it seems that they are becoming inconvenient or showing signs of betrayal, it is advantageous to be able to easily dispose of them with little preparation. Even if I kill such a man, no one will complain or even try to find the culprit.

Adofu is taken out of the prison and two people, dressed in cloaks, walk around the city hiding their faces.

“….truly, I am sorry, Irushia. I heard that even for you, this time it was considerably difficult to recommend something.” (Adofu)

I hear Adofu seriously saying this, and it becomes difficult to hold in my laughter. The thought itself is foolish, but nothing can be done about someone who is foolish.

“No, me doing this is natural. If you still want to thank me, then do so after the false incident has been resolved and your fiance and younger brother’s enemy gets taken away. There are those who doubt there was such a person so early in the morning, but it is better to be thorough….” (Irushia)

I pretend to pay attention to the surroundings as I divert my face from Adofu to hide my smiling face.

I began to feel the presence of people as we approached a residential district. Adofu also seems to have noticed, as he knits his face and stops his feet.

“Should we change our course?” (Adofu)

“….It looks like every direction is similar. Seems someone in the church has leaked out info to harass us this morning. Especially since there’s no monolith at our destination.” (Irushia)

I couldn’t hold it in, I covered my face with the palm of my hand. Although it’s shameless, it couldn’t be helped. It’s better than showing my smiling face after all.

Of course, it was me who leaked out the time, date, circumstances and route. Although there was also the harassment of Adofu and priests, the main purpose was to clarify my position on the matter as seen by the general public.

Three young men ran up and pointed at Adofu as they cried out in a loud voice.

“Oh, look, it’s the family killer, Adofu!” (young man 1)
“Even if you tried to escape, in front of the brave hero, it can’t be done!” (young man 2)

As soon as the men’s voices are heard, a crowd begins to form. It was likely that they prepared to meet us beforehand. People who were sleeping also heard the commotion and went out of their houses. After noticing it, Adofu is frozen in embarrassment while being surrounded.

“Obediently receive your death sentence!”

Someone throws a stone. Adofu saw it, but it seems he intends to stand his ground as he doesn’t try to avoid it. Wouldn’t the crowd just find this convenient? Well, it’s only around this neighborhood after all. I should control this situation before it gets out of hand.

I step forward and holding my sword, I parry the stone with my sheath.

“…It seems extreme rumors have spread around, so I will try to clear some up here and now. Don’t worry about the church, since I am here I will excuse you from them for the time being.” (Irushia)

I speak to Adofu in a low voice and turn forward as I go along.

“I am sure you are all questioning why I chose the former Knight Chief as my companion, it was because I decided that he was a qualified person in view of the circumstances. Although he was only the Knight Chief for a short term, he was also my master at one point. Some personal feelings may have been involved in the decision but let it be known that I do not plan on being enticed by anyone. I also believe that the killing done by the Knight Chief was a false charge. In return for Knight Adofu’s assistance in the subjugation mission, only a simple reexamination of the case was requested. I assure you that there is nothing more to it than that, I stake it in my name as a brave man. If there is any trouble with Adofu during the course of this release period, I will take full responsibility for it. So please…please let us through.” (Irushia)

I quietly bow my head. An awkward air floats about the vicinity, and a path slowly opens one person at a time.

“Shall we go? Before we are again surrounded.” (Irushia)

I say with a low voice, and lead Adofu through the opened path as Adofu is still in confusion.

“……Truly, I am really sorry!” (Adofu)

After getting out the highly crowded road, Adofu bites his lips to the point drops of blood begin spilling. While jeering at such an Adofu in my mind I rush ahead.

My position has been solidified with this. Although I did deny Adofu’s wrongdoings, with this everyone would think that I was only “Dealing with Adofu’s deceit”.

Oh, and it goes without saying that I was never intending to take responsibility in the first place. The church that is attached with fear will defend me, who is the symbol of this country. Nobody will purposely make a ruckus to the public lest they are ready to suffer the consequences. In the first place, as long as the church has given permission, whatever happens, it was all part of the plan. More than anything, under the law of Harenae, punishment for criminals who have escaped falls on close relatives. Besides, I still need to make an example out of him since I’m currently filled with the sweet sparks of emotion lingering about.

Though I might receive voices of criticism, it will only take effect if my virtue suddenly gets flipped. Unless that happens I don’t need to worry. Since Mr. Skillful was passed as my original idealism, my motto as a brave man, let’s be content for the time being.

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