Dragon Egg Chapter 222

The first actual post on the new website.

The old website imploded after it got so outdated that one of the dozen or so plugins become critically vulnerable and wordpress physically removed it and it turned out it controlled a lot of styling on the pages, completely breaking links everywhere. I brought on someone I knew to help automate fixing the hundreds of broken pages and replace the duct tape all over the website with something more permanent as well as increase the website’s security. While versed in website coding, they were only familiarized with wordpress and how it worked. Testing out a custom-coded test plugin, it at some point inevitably didn’t work, as these things go, but unexpectedly instead of wordpress throwing out an error that a plugin had errors in it, it locked out the whole website on the front end and we hadn’t yet set up accessing it from the backend because it wasn’t seen as necessary yet.

So, I email Dama because it can’t be fixed by anyone but the website owner. Didn’t get a response and still haven’t gotten a response from the email I sent a few months prior.

Send more emails over 5 days varying in how they’re presented in the hopes that he sees one of them. Nothing. Decide to wait a week, but the current head of the discord got very antsy out of the blue and I took that as a hint to take action.

I got a small team together very quickly to set up a new website. The website is owned by Xboxbam, the backend is handled by the friend I brought on before, and me, Humin, is handling the frontend. The reason why it took so long was that the frontend is the most time-consuming as it has the most content to deal with and I had to figure out CSS and HTML at the same time as a complete newbie. I also spent some time stream-lining some things in the code and styling so that future chapters are more quick and painless to post.

It’s been hectic. There’s probably more to post, but this is already long enough too long as is and it’s late.

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