Dragon Egg Chapter 219

POST DISCLAIMER: The contents in this post are, for the most part, presented how they were on prior incarnations of the dsrealm website. As such, the contents presented may be obsolete, with modifications only being done to alter or remove links and the like.

Original Poster: Humin

Special thanks to asianmu11et, ItzMuffins, and Kelkuder for the coffee!

Due to imposed file size limitations that have set themselves sometime over the last two years that require intervention from the server owner, i.e. Damatish, who has been very busy as of late and is difficult to get into contact with right now, the image for this chapter has been resized from 3694×1920 to 2020×1050 to comply with these limitations. I will update the image as soon as these limitations are lifted.

I’ve also started a group along with a few other wonderful members a few months ago to do translations for the dragon egg manga under the name MHFanslations. The Mangadex page for the group is here.
I will start posting the manga chapters under the updates section in the dsrealm discord once we get done with the next manga chapter.
If you would like to follow the manga and are already a part of the dsrealm discord, nothing more needs to be done on your part. You’re all set!

And, as always, join our Discord for the latest updates and any questions! We are very active there!





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