Dragon Egg Chapter 158

POST DISCLAIMER: The contents in this post are, for the most part, presented how they were on prior incarnations of the dsrealm website. As such, the contents presented may be obsolete, with modifications only being done to alter or remove links and the like.

CHAPTER DISCLAIMER: The chapter presented in this post has been copied from a prior incarnation of the dsrealm website with minimal to no modifications. Quality from the copying process may not be guaranteed. Quality from older chapters that did not follow the currently accepted translation process may also not be guaranteed.

Original Poster: Darby

Darby here! In case anyone was wondering/caring, I was the translator for this chapter and left a couple notes in. If you guys don’t like them, let us know and we can remove them! Obviously, Damatish was the editor this time around. Next chapter the roles will be switched!





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